Friday, March 16, 2012

Hospital bound and Weekend plans

{Claire tries to listen to baby}

Today I am headed to the hospital.
I am having a picc line put in my arm.
I was trying really hard to get through this pregnancy without one.
My veins are pretty much nonexistent with all the scar tissue on my arms
which makes it very difficult for even the best of the best to find a vein.
This causes me anxiety and stress.
Dr J. said this will relive a lot of that stress to have this done before baby
comes and before my surgery after baby is born.
I am nervous.
Mr. Nielson will be there holding my hand (or whatever).
BUT, I am so excited for little peanut to come, I can't even think about it without crying.
So really all of this will be a piece of cake.

I am so so so blessed and so so so excited to welcome her into our home.
She has a lot of little people who are just as excited here at home for her

I hope you all have a happy week.
Tomorrow might be the last day our family goes skiing this year...(not me this time)
Mr. Nielson is going to take one last run with the children while I sleep- probably.

I am also planning to have a fun Irish dinner
(vegetarian of course...sad come to think of it, corned beef actually sounds kind of good)
Lucy and her family are coming up to celebrate.
But then again, maybe little peanut will come sooner than later
and I will have to clear my schedule---wouldn't that be lovely.
Claire said if little peanut came on St. Patrick's Day we would name
her Patty.
Probably not, but cute.

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