Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jane turns NINE

Jane Bronwyn turns nine.
February 18, 2012
Welcome to her party recap:

Jane turned nine last Saturday.
She described to me the party she wanted, and I tried my best to deliver.
Of course the morning began as usual, presents on the dining room
table with her birthday girl crown.

This year I made a awesome "J" similar to the Valentine heart made of tissue paper.

Jane wanted a piggy bank this year, a ginormous stuffed whale, and a Chinese jump-rope.
That is what I love about Jane. She always knows what she wants.

I used The Sweet Tooth Fairy for the delicious treats and Pinhole Press for the darling invitations and adorable labels for the drinks.

{The girls crowd around, and Lydia drinks from bottle with labels from Pinhole Press}

Of course the party would not be complete without the traditional balloon release
and wishes. I used extra drink labels to stick on the balloon
for the darling girls to write Jane a birthday wish.

{The girls wait to release their balloons}

{Claire, Jane and Lydia}

{Me and my girl}

I asked Jane if this was her favorite birthday yet, and she said no.
She told me that having her birthday party at Smeeks for her 7th was the best.
Not for me, I was released from the hospital just hours prior after hunchie gone bad.
It was an awful day. But I am so glad Jane didn't notice!

I love you Jane Bronwyn! You are mine and will always be mine.
I just wish you'd STOP growing.

{ Pinhole Press birthday cards, similar to Jane's}