Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today I....

On a typical Monday I...

7:30: wake up to Mr. Nielson's alarm (Bono)
8:20: kiss my babies goodbye for school.
9:00: Gigs wakes me up to watch Condorman. {one of Mr. Nielson's childhood favorites}
9:15: eat steal cut oats topped with my backyard peaches.
10:00: watch the end of Condorman with Gigs.
10:45: we get in the shower. I consider throwing up, but don't.
11:15: Mr. Nielson, Gigs and I run errands.
12:15: lunch at Cafe Rio
12:45: Costco
1:30: Mr. Nielson and I roll the windows down, listening to "Wind beneath my wings" on the freeway.
3:20: meet the children at home from school.
3:30: homework with the children.
4:00: I drive Gigs and Ollie to play with favorite cousin Van, who is going on a mission in a few months.

4:30: Jane and I make peach jam for gifts.
4:45: Claire helps.
4:50: I taste the jam, it is good, but really sweet.
5:00: I make Jane go to the garage to bring me up a grape gatorade, I'm running on low.
5:20: Mr. Nielson takes Claire for a motorcycle ride.
5:40: Mr. Nielson takes Jane on a motie ride.
6:00: I clean up my mess so Mr. Nielson can make dinner. I still can't touch food.
6:15: Mr. Nielson takes me on a motie ride, we ride around my beautiful neighborhood.
6:30: Mr. Nielson makes dinner. The kids snub the garden burgers.
6:35: Ollie makes himself yogurt with granola..
7:45: finally we have FHE.
7:46: we tell Ollie to be quiet
7:47: we ask Nicholas to take off Mr. Nielson's uggs.
7:48: we ask Ollie to stop touching his toys.
7:49: we ask Nicholas to stop hitting Ollie with the pillow.
7:50: we ask Ollie to take off Mr. Nielson's uggs too.
7:51: we ask Ollie to put his legos away, he is losing it.
7:52: we ask Ollie to be quite
7:45: I bribe the children with treats.
7:46: It's quite, the lesson begins.
7:48: I ask Claire to take away Ollie's Luke Skywalker guy
7:49: I tell the children I change my mind about the treats...good thing since I don't have anything planned anyway.
7:55: lesson ends.
7:58: Ollie cries because we don't have treats.
8:00: The children are thrown in the shower.
8:45: The children are putting Pj's on.
8:56: Ollie slips on the wet floor while Gigs is peeing on the toliet.
8:57: Gigs slips while peeing.
8:57: the girls laugh, I make them go to BED.
9:00: the drama ends.
9:15; I excuse myself to bed. I am nauseated.
9:15: Mr. Nielson puts on a brave face and puts the babies to bed.
10:50: Mr. Nielson straggles upstairs to bed. He fell asleep on the boys bed.
11:15: Mr. Nielson and I are in bed. I snuggle him and tell him how much I love him.
11:15: Dreamland.

...but at least I made peach jam, I am just really proud of myself for doing that.