Thursday, March 03, 2011

Down Alice Lane #4

We are almost there.
With everything in and almost installed, all we are waiting for are a few odds and ends
tomorrow we will show you the end product- can't wait!
{Don't you love the wallpaper?!}

{Suzanne fluffs the pillows that sit on the new built-in seating}
{I check out all the new storage with Claire and Jane}

Hey, to win a pillow that is featured on my seating, go here.
It's adorable!

{The gals and I praise the new basement!}

{The trunk table coming to be in the center of the room.}

{Gary and Tom install the finishing touches.}

{The cool new retrofitted antique pillars adorn the doorway hiding some old ugly pipes- Genius!}
Whats going around my house you ask?

Ollie and Gigs dress up for their favorite cousins {Jack} birthday party.
Its been a pretty calm day. Just preparing for the Boss and GrandMary to come to town for Jane's Baptism. So excited!