Monday, February 07, 2011

It's Monday, and you can tell/Nie asks on Blogher

{The Mr. and I having a hot lunch at Sundance lodge on Saturday}

Happy Monday.
Provo today is kind of drab. Not that I care, I really quite enjoy the winter months here.
Today I am planning on locking myself at home and trying to catch up from the slow weekend.
We kind of just lay around all weekend. I didn't cringe when all of my nice living room pillows were on the floor mixed with Mexican coke bottles and Lego's. Nope. Not me.
On Sunday I took the worlds longest nap. {with the best dream. I swear my dreams should be movies. They are so sci-fi and cool} When I woke up, I was so sore and groggy.
I told the children it was going to be a special Sunday dinner tonight.
We would have...are you ready?
Mashed potatoes and Jello.
Yep that's it. I did mention something about a salad in there too, but couldn't put forth the effort...there is always tonight, right?

Remember it is Family Home Evening tonight.
 The past 4 FHE have been unsuccessful (in my mind, anyway) The lessons have been lame, the children were totally irreverent and no treats. Tonight will change (if I am feeling good).
{The weekend brought:
Oliver's long last dream-to be in the Kindergarten cookie club. A honor to be sure
Jane and Claire spend a good 2 hours playing with their Shailie. A little girls fashion dream come true.
Check it out. A fab birthday gift to your sweet little one

Skiing at Sundance on Friday. On the way home we ran into a large moose stuck in the river.
Courtney and I film a really stupid vlog on her blog last week.
Patchy (I used on my own eye- because of this}, didn't make it in the cut.}

Also, This week is the last week to buy Nie's 2011 Calender Saturday
 will be the last day to get one. You can get one below:

Nie asks on Blogher:
What is the homework scene like at your house?
Go here to tell me

Claire working on her Indian report.