Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My Arizona Men

(Dr. L, me, and Dr, M at Dr. M's sweet office)

The Mr. and I are in Arizona enjoying citrus and sunshine.
We came down to attend the Burn and Trauma Festival of Trees at The Camelback Inn.
[Thank you DR. L8N!! It was a pleasure.]

(Mr. Nielson and I dressed up and ready for the Arizona Burn and Trauma Festival of Trees in Phoenix)

We also flew down so Dr. M. could use his laser beam on Mr. Nielson's face.
I also had a little visit with a few of my favorite doctors:
Dr. L.
Dr. Caruso
and of course, sweet Dr. M.
I would suggest you call Dr. M. if you want to have a laser beam shot at your face.
But really this laser has done wonders for Christian's handsome mug.
Go here to read our last Dr.M experience -

Dr. Caruso is the man at the burn unit, and if he on your team, you will win.
Yep, pretty sure about that.

And last of course is the one and only Dr. L. Nothing could possibly be said about him that is worthy enough. Once I said something publicly about him on my blog that was not very nice.
That was not such a good idea because he had his secretary call me at home to tell me that he wanted to talk to me about it.
I was slightly scared...actually a whole bunch scared.
Then I decided...
I really like being on his team. You know, he would scare me otherwise.
In fact, I really like being on his team. He is the most amazing Doctor. Ever.

Headed back home today! I hope my Christmas tree is still up.

(Hanging in the burn unit-with smiles. That's a big deal for us.)