Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I may be here for a while.

(me and the children in The Maricopa Burn Center, Phoenix Jan 2010)

Mr. Nielson, hunchie and I flew down to Phoenix for round 4 of treatments.
Upon viewing hunchie, Dr.L. said it looked liked it was in the first few stages of infection.
So, he told me that I had to stay in Phoenix to do the actual procedure.
After a few minutes, I looked at him in shock.
Wait, what? Stay? Here? Today? Surgery...??

Just hours ago, Mr. Nielson and I woke up and went to the airport like we do every Tuesday.
Except this time, we are not coming home.
And I only packed my purse.
No pills, clothes, toothbrush or bumble hair products.
The children all expected us to be home, and we are not. And, I have serious guilt.
On top of guilt, I am really nervous about the actual procedure.

I am being admitted on Wednesday and the 8-10 hour procedure will be on Thursday.
I may possibly be comatose after the surgery becuase the procedure is a very intricate one.
(but I am praying hard that it wont).
But if I do, I am sure I will be headed to the same place I went last time I was in a coma.
And that is not half bad. In fact, I am actually looking forward to it.
Mr. Nielson just wants me to make sure I come back.
I plan on it.