Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I am officially in love.
In love with this store.
It is called:
Sad news...I live in Utah and Smeeks is in Phoenix.
BUT, for all you Arizonians, I expect you to visit this quaint little candy and novelty shop.
It is located here.

Also, my friend Georgeanne who owns Smeeks has

a vintage shop for men, women and babies alike.

Check out Georgeanne on the cover of Phoenix Magazine!

And check out me and Georgeanne and Scout (from 'To Kill a Mockingbird')
(anything look familiar? I knew when I met Georgeanne
we were bosom friends, now I know why!)

other Smeeks reviews
and here

!!!!!My sidebar updates!!!!!
To those of you who ordered silhouettes, the size is 9x10.
Please send a picture of your image to me, photographing the profile
of you, loved one, or animal. (or whatever!)
Did that clear it up?
go here for more information

For those of you who want a Book of Mormon (my favorite book),
They will be on there way.
Look for them in the mail box in the next few weeks!
I am so excited!!
And I will ship anywhere in the world-so don't be shy!
go here for more information