Friday, October 16, 2009

saying goodbye to the menfolk

(Claire and I hide in the leaves)

This picture was taken almost 8 years ago.
It is taken on a beautiful day in the canyon of South Fork, Utah.
We are saying goodbye to our husbands, fathers, and brothers.
It is the annual deer hunt.
The Menfolk leave for 3 days to partake of their masculine forces.
And the women stay home.
It is delightful.
We women will head to Salt Lake together and then later,
meet at Pages house for dinner and sleep-overs.
Have I mentioned that I love my family and
I love where I live...most of all, I love being a woman.
What joy it brings.
Jane and I plan on making apple pies.
Our tree is overloaded with their tart flavor.
And our grapes are ripe for making juice.
Have a womanly weekend
from my house to yours.

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