Wednesday, August 26, 2009


There are moments in my life when I feel like my spirit is tapping my heart to remind me just why I still mortally exist.

Today I had more of those 'tapping' moments.

It was in the deep brown eyes of Nicholas laughing and tackling Jimmy over and over and over again.

It was in Claire's desire to do help me with anything. Today it was groceries. She carried them in while her mother rest on the couch. Then she climbed on the couch near me and read 'Ivy and Bean'. And her cute little hairy legs dangled below.

It was Oliver dressed up as Indiana Jones with his white church shirt buttoned half-way down, his rope coiled up in his belt loop, and his carrier bag over his shoulder (containing Mr. Nielson's pocket knife he got when he was 8. It also had a mini sized hymnal with his own maps and drawings inside)

It was Mr. Nielson who I watched outside my window early this morning ride his bike to school with the girls. Their faces beamed like they were the luckiest girls ever.
And they are. (Including me.)


It was when Jane climbed on my lap and mugged on me. Then she asked for pinealoupe. Then I asked her if she meant cantaloupe or pineapple. And she squealed at herself until tears ran down her eyes.

She meant cantaloupe.

PS..I should say, that Nicholas took this photo.