Thursday, December 04, 2008

Re-Posted: Original Art By Claire

You have already posted my favorite Nie post (a testiment to a keen sense of what her readers crave, I am sure). It was the post "Basket-head mother, not I". I have found myself at times overwhelmed by motherhood of my two little ones-a baskethead mother for sure.. It always comes when I have not put my life in focus properly and priorities have become skewed. The talk the she links to by Elder M. Russell Ballard is incredibly moving and never fails to realign my priorities and refocus my life. This is the essence of what Nie represents for me: a properly focused life filled with family and love. I have a link to the audio of the talk (thanks to the Saturday Warrior post) on my bookmark bar and listen to it often.

My second favorite post was "Original Art By Claire". There are so many times over the days when I see something that my daughters have done or are doing and I am overwhelmed by them. It happens just as she describes, in the middle of daily tasks and family chores, and hits you upside the head so unexpectedly. That floored feeling of how wonderful your family and life is and the incredible greatful feeling that you are here, in this moment, appreciating, enjoying, and loving them (even if it is over a lady holding a chainsaw!).

Thank you for keeping us updated on Nie. We pray for her everyday.


Originally posted Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I had just gotten back from taking Claire to school, fed other children, picked up breakfast, made beds, folded a little laundry and was taking that laundry into the girls room when I noticed this on Claire's sketch-board.
Its awesome.
That is unmistakably a scene from Jack and the beanstalk. I laughed so hard I almost cried. Then I was this close in getting back into my car and going to school to find her and tell her that I think she is so artistic-she'd love that!

Oh, and it looks like the golden harp lady is holding a chain saw.