Friday, May 02, 2008

I am sooo blessed.

The children and I spent a school-free afternoon in the Mulberry Bungalow.
I kept repeating in my mind
"you are sooo blessed!! you are sooo blessed!!"
The tree house is a lovely place to be with the children.
Surrounded by the beautiful leaves, my heart could have burst at how happy I was.
Then I thought about Mr. Nielson. He buit Mulberry Bungalow with his own two hands, designed it and painted it. My heart was pounding with gratitude and love.

Then we discovered the bee hive which Mr. Nielson destroyed last Saturday.
Inside the hollow of the tree were thousands of dead bees and honey.

This weekend we are expecting visitors. Lucy and Andrew are coming to stay a few days. We plan on hosting a very delicious Cinco De Mayo Party. Preparations for that are going to be crazy (u-haul involved) but the outcome will be fantastic!

I will also begin my Mothers Day posts with some lovely giveaways
and Blogging-Mother's-motherhood-favorites.
Enjoy your weekend. I know I will!

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