Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Welcome home Buzz Nielson and other Tuesday thoughts.

Buzz went missing.
Buzz was missing for nearly 38 hours.

Nicholas turned slippery fish on me again today while I was putting his clothes on.
I have no patience for that, so why fight it? I say let the kid run free and wild.
I am dying to do that!!!
But then, that means sticking his hands down his diaper and I bet you can pretty much conjure up some pretty good thoughts with that one.

Mr. Nielson has been asked to be in the ward talent show. Mr. Nielson has been asked to pretend he is Ryan in High School Musical. Mr. Nielson wants to die for a few reasons.
1. We actually spent our beloved date money on renting High School musical and watching it!!! Oh the pain, the pain!!
2. He has to be dance and lip sync in front of people.
3. We actually spent an entire evening watching it. That is equivalent to being pantsed over and over again (like on your birthday too)
I told him I'd rather die too, oh well nothing I can do about that- is there.

I'll be busy today doing:
making a leash for Buzz Nielson
washing poopie hands and stuff.