Thursday, April 03, 2008


Did you know that Mr Nielson becomes Mr.pilot private Nielson on Wednesday's?
Around 4:00 the family watches the father of our home
fly around Mesa in a very small airplane.
I watched Mr. pilot private Nielson maneuver some pretty cool take-offs and landings as Gigs screamed in his car seat. ( He apparently couldn't see a thing.)

When the family showed up Mr. Nielson was doing the "pre-fight checklist" a bunch of things he has to look at to make sure he wont crash.
You know, like make sure there is gas and important stuff like that.

The girls take advantage of the pre-flight checklist because then they can get in the airplane and pretend they are flying the over an enchanted forest and through colorful rainbows-but then they started fighting over who got the head-set and who's name got to be "Kalee".
That was annoying.

That lasted about 20 minutes and I made them both get out.
Like magnets their hands joined together and they were off to
pretend some other imaginative story.

And NO Mom, Mr.pilot private Nielson didn't crash.
In fact, my heart swelled nice and big as I watched him soar in the sky.
He is fulfilling a 29-year dream.
Did I ever tell you about the time when Mr. Nielson was 6
he ate bird seeds because he thought he'd grow wings and fly away?
He was made for this.
I am so happy for him.