Friday, April 04, 2008

NieNie get your gun.

A mother has got to take issues into her
own hands is what I always say.

So when I awoke to seven police cars crowding my street at 2:30 in the morning last month I decided I needed to get me a gun.
I like to think I picked this neighborhood to live in because of the charm, mature landscaping and young families. There is nothing I love more than cruising our bikes around the streets with Mr. Nielson and children in tow-but then the cop heli got really annoying flying around (with spotlight) every night.
Me and my G26 (baby glock) got our CCW last week. Ms. Jones and I attended a 10 hour class, shot 80% on the targets, and 100% on the written test.
Then my other neighbor contacted me yesterday that the local news was coming to her house to talk about the recent "activity" in our streets.
I was right there.
Camera's, news reporters and half the neighborhood showed up to discuss the fate of the streets. Gigs had just eaten a green marker before we left and green ink covered him head to toe. Did that stop the camera's? Nope. Too cute.
I was mentioned in the pape.
"Other neighbors reported hearing gunfire on several occasions, and Stephanie Nielson said she and another mother have acquired concealed weapons permits to protect themselves."
read it here.
because no one is going to stop me from living in this hood.

[me with my eyes closed riding my bike.]
I think Mr. Nielson thinks it's sexy...a mother with a gun.
But it's not like I carry the gun in my garter strap all day.

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