Thursday, January 17, 2008

Love Letter

Dearest Mr. Nielson,
A few things today encouraged me to write you a love letter today.
Maybe it was that you have been gone- away on a fancy business trip and left me for a few days.
I missed you very much my pet.
I had a really difficult time sleeping whilst you were away. I tossed and turned in our bed and then last night, unexpectedly Lenny Kravitz ‘It Ain't Over Till It's Over ‘song came into my head and wouldn’t go away. I pictured you in a white shirt with your skinny jeans on smooching me and
off to dreamland I went.
You came home today.
It was fun letting Claire stay home from school for no good reason, sleeping in with you and eating breakfast together. Life is so sweet.
Then you had to go to work.
0600 came and it was such a delightful feeling to hear your motorcycle come zooming down First place and to our domicile (where a very fatigued wife was anxiously waiting for you).
Your presence was much welcomed.
After hugging each child you came to me and said
“What are the top three things you need right now”
To which I relied:

1. Dinner.
(can't do it, no not tonight)

2. Put on you’re good listing ears and turn up the volume, I’ve got a lot on my mind.
(Sadness in the world, homesickness, Mitt Romney, my ideas about service and motherhood, projects, ideas, my Mac woes, missionary work and challenges I am feeling, and my yoga class I am teaching on Tuesday-to name a few)

3. Hold Nicholas the rest of the evening
(since 2:00 he has been a crying whirlwind.
On the patience scale, I am about a 0%)
Then I asked you if I could have one more. And of course you said yes and then I requested something that I can’t type on a count that it is much too
personal and of a rather delicate status.

Cheesy? Sure. Effective? Yes.
Now we have put the children to bed, each child a warm embrace, drink of water and prayers. The wind is blowing outside and we have the rest of the evening to do what we like and you have on your
crisp white shirt and skinny jeans and baby,
‘It aint over till it’s over’