Thursday, July 12, 2007

Love passages to my Mr. Nielson

(Stella tonight at the family dance-off)

Dearest Mr. Nielson,
Could this be true? A impromptu visit from you tomorrow?
Are you really coming? Oh I can't wait my dearest!
Never mind that it is FRIDAY THE 13TH! The last time it was Friday the 13th, Mr. Nicholas was circumcised and I with a nasty breast infection. NOT TODAY! Today I get to see you my love. I just hope that your plane doesn't go down.
Yikes, that would be quite dramatic.
Speaking of airplanes;
I was happy to hear that your flight school is as exciting as you had hoped. Pretty soon you can fly me around and we will pretend we are Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in
"Out of Africa".

Tonight I was invited to Jesse and Lindsay's home to enjoy a family dance-off.
Basically that included bringing one's ipod and then dancing.
From Gwen to Gnarls,we rocked the neighborhood. I even played 'Suicide Blonde' by your favorite band INXS in honor of you.
And we slow danced as couples only to Miles Davis. I wished I were in your arms light as a feather dancing around Jesse's fantastic deck.
Ollie just played with his Buzz and Woooodie.
Jane changed costumes 400 times.
Lucy was really lovely tonight.
Claire was shaking it as the night progressed and even our lil Mr. Nicholas enjoyed himself.
Andrew showed major break-dancing skills AND a his best Rocky impression.
Of course what would be a family party without a mean wiffle ball game.

Mr. Nielson-oh how I will dream of you tonight.
For tomorrow I shall kiss you and be with you again.
Until then my sweet darling.


PS....did you happen to retrieve my red lipstick?