Monday, March 26, 2007

Tricia, Donald, and the package

Yesterday as I was prepping the house for 
paint, my new doorbell rang.
I answered the door and there standing on my new porch with a smile
on his face was my new mailman with a brown package in his hand.
My new mailman introduced himself as Donald.
He lingered on my porch while we chatted a bit, and I know 
one thing is for sure; Donald loves his job and is retiring in 10 years.
He's originally from Nebraska, and is proud father of a military son serving in Iraq.
Then he told me that working for the USPS is really great because he makes
about $22.20 an hour, and is up for a raise in May.
 Then he told me that he would be here delivering my mail except 
for a few weeks in October when his son in Iraq comes 
home for a visit.  
I think I am really going to like my new mailman Donald.
Before leaving Donald gave me the quick scoop of everyone else on our street.
"That house, I think the guy cheats on his wife... and that house over there
 they don't speak English....and that lady who lives at that house is really rich."
OK Donald, I'll just take that package from you now, thanks a mil.
We said our goodbyes and then I immediately ripped open the package.
It was from my dear friend Tricia who lives in New Jersey.
Inside the package was something so unexpected!
Trish had given me her pink Anthropologie coat.
Every time she wore the coat at church I would comment on how gorgeous it was.
And yes, I kind of envied it a little.
Her card was simple and dear:
"I know it wont be much use in Arizona" she added, "Happy Home".
Then I felt a small tear drip down my cheek.
What a kind and thoughtful gesture from a great friend.
Trisha, thank you! I love you! 
Even if it may be 12000 degrees here in the Mesa,
 I'll find a way and I'll wear it!