Monday, March 26, 2007

Tricia, Donald and the package

Yesterday I was at my new house fixing her up when the mailman came knocking on my door. I opened the door to find in his hands was a brown box. I was excited.
The mailman who introduced himself as Donald, loves his job, will work for 10 more years before retiring, son in Iraq, and is originally from Nebraska. He also informed me that working for the USPS is great because of the great pay...$22.20 an hour (and ready for a raise in May) Then he told me that he would be here delivering the mail except for in October when his son who is fighting for our country in Iraq gets to come home, in which case they will be on a
two-week father-son hiatus.
Great Donald, give me that freakin package.
Donald then began to tell me about everyone on our street...
(that family up there, the father cheats on his wife, and beats her up...that family over there are recluses and they can't speak English)
OK Donald, I'll just take that from you now, thanks a mil.
Donald then exits.
Then I get to get my meager hands on this surprize package. I open it up, and It is from my dear friend Tricia who lived in New Jersey with me.
What could it be?
This was the greatest gift I can remember receiving. It was unexpected. It was beautiful.
Trish had given me her Anthropologie beautiful pale pink coat.
The coat I envied up the wazoo.
The coat that was sooo darling on her
(why in the world did she give it to me).
"I know it wont be much use in Arizona" she added, "Happy Home"
What a present. Then I felt a small tear drip down my cheek.
Talk about a great gift! I loved that coat and enjoyed seeing Trisha wearing it on Sunday.
Now it belonged in my care.
Trisha, thank you! I love you! Even if it may be 12000 degrees here in the Mesa, I'll find a way and I'll wear it, like I always say:
"Sacrifice comfort for fashion"