Thursday, November 09, 2006

More and more wedding

After Lucy's wedding in the Salt Lake Temple, we went to the Memorial house for dinner. It is a quaint little spot up a beautiful canyon near the capital building. It was lovely.
There is CK (chup) and Courtney. What a handsome couple!!

My mother (Umi) Cynthia Sue checking out the furs I bought for the girls to wear.
They were pretty posh.
Jane with cousin Lydia. So happy to be a part of this enchanting night.
Claire dancing with grandpa...Does Jane look jealous?

Not anymore.

The guests, including my husband Christian (who looked so dapper)

Prepare to eat the delicious food...(favorite dish you ask? Fresh mozzarella balls with basil and cherry tomatoes.)
(just a few more wedding posts folks, I'm having so much fun sharing)