Thursday, July 20, 2006

Birthday refresher...

Since I left to Utah the day after my birthday, I never posted anything about that day. Since it was so great, I am going to have a little refresher on a few posts.
June 27, 2006: Christian came home from work with a dozen of the most beautiful colored balloons.
We piled into the car (and picked up Reachel) and met Andrew in Tempe.
Location: Mill Ave near the lake
Time: Dusk
Who: Christian, me, Claire, Jane, Oliver, Andrew, and Reachel

Oliver finally lets his blue balloon go.
Of course Jane picks a orange balloon.
Claire writes her wish on the pink pad provided by Boeing (thanks!)
Christian writing his wish..."I wish for a million dollars, so I can buy
Stephanie a house
Stephanie's wish..."I wish for a house, I wish for a house,
I WISH for a house!"

Off we go to the lake to let off the balloons.

Happy 25th to me!