Thursday, July 20, 2006

Birthday in Mesa

Since I was in Utah the day after my birthday,
 I never posted anything about that special day.  I mean you turn 25 once!
On June 27, 2006 Christian came home from work with
a dozen of colored balloons.
We piled into the car where we met Andrew and Reachel on
Mill Ave downtown Tempe near the lake.
We each picked a different colored balloon, wrote our special birthday
wishes on it, and let them go.

It only took Oliver 2 hours to finally lets his blue balloon go.
Of course Jane picked an orange balloon.

Christian is seen here writing his wish-- which I'm sure was:
I wish for a million dollars, so I can buy
Stephanie a house.

My wish: I wish for a house, I wish for a house,
I WISH for a house! And a healthy baby, of course.

Happy 25th to me!