Friday, March 24, 2006

Letters to my sisters:

Dear Page,
I hope everything goes well with your home birth!  I am so excited you are doing that!
Keep your placenta; you can plant a tree in Vivian’s name using the placenta as fertilizer. I still have Oliver’s placenta, I haven’t found a good spot for a tree in NJ, so I brought it with me to AZ (don’t ask me how)

Dear Courtney,
Today Claire pretended she was you today. She had an invisible Christopher and called him
"big guy". She said he was really tall. I hope you'll come to AZ for Spring break,
that would be amazing. I need you to make me laugh and help me find some vegetarian beans.

Dear Lucy,
While I am really glad you are coming home from your mission in June,
I'm kind of sweating about it too because I have so many of your cute clothes,
(and I am not prepared to give them back to you).
I really have enjoyed your beautiful coral necklace
that cost more than my life, and the darling Anthropologie skirts. 
I hope you come home in a good mood and full of the spirit, then you won't care right?!

Love, Stephanie