Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Cheer.

We kicked off New Years eve by making old-time party hats equipped with vintage glitter. I made 11 hats each different in style and color. We had another family over to celebrate with. In short, there was glitter. Everywhere.
Making our New Year toasts....Patience, more patience and not get sick the entire year.
Christian attempting to pop the cork while Mary and Matt wait with excitement! Oliver's New Year resolution: loose the "lil peanut" nickname
The vintage style party hats that Courtney would admire!
The gang devouring homemade ice cream sandwiches (party hats still attached).
The process starts. We decorated from 12:00-4:30. It was a New Year's Eve marathon!
Jane sprinkles color on her Victorian theme party hat.
The cookies wait for some Ben and Jerry's to smother them.
Jane finishes off the night by getting sauced.
"Who needs a glass, pass me the bottle"