Friday, November 11, 2005

That old familiar smirk.

Claire pooped twice on the toilet without me even asking her too (after a long 6 week stint). She took a lovely nap, hugged me all throughout dinner telling me I was the ‘best mom ever’. Its days like this that being a mother is brilliant.
Christian took us to Barnes and Noble after dinner for some Godiva hot chocolate atop with some mad whipped cream. The sight of my two girls sitting on their knees on the bar chairs in the café blowing bubbles into their hot chocolate was precious.
After, Claire went around the whole children’s section telling me she wanted everything for Christmas.
Santa better have a lot of money and big sack for all this loot.
As we started driving off out of the parking lot, I looked back; a book hid Claire’s face. An unfamiliar book. I turned on the light in the car, and noticed this unfamiliar book was in fact UNFAMILIR…it was stolen! I lowered the book and Claire had a suspicious smirk on her face, it was a mix of I totally got away with taking this book from Barnes and Noble, and with my adorable face, I didn’t’ get caught—not even by my own folks. And, I know taking the book is wrong, but I really want it.
As Christian took the book back into the store, Claire cried in her dramatic way:

“Santa Claus will give it to me, you’ll see!!”