Monday, November 07, 2005

Our pooches pad.

This is where Jimmy resides. He sleeps here, but can be found napping here too.
Last Spring Christian went on a business trip to Atlanta and left me alone with the kids. I was nervous, especially since we were having such terrible rainy, gloomy weather. I don’t sleep well without Christian, and its never fun to be alone during such horror movie weather conditions. At one point the wind blew so hard it sounded like ghosts right outside my door...really! Before Christian left, we got Jimmy a nice little cushion so he could sleep with me in our room for those terrifying, lonely nights.
It was nice, and I did sleep much better knowing my gigantic, mean, ferocious dog was standing watch in my room ready for anything or anyone.
Or in reality, our pooch (being a little overweight) was lazily sleeping unaware of anything or anyone unless you crinkled a wrapper, then his ears perked up.
(OK, maybe like really overweight.)