Monday, July 30, 2018

Love her mother

Last Saturday afternoon I found myself in the kitchen with Mr. Nielson
 who was fiddling with his fishing rod.  
I was studying some talks and scriptures at the table- (but not THE table), 
and the kitchen was uncharacteristically quiet.
Then I came upon an amazing talk- that I have always loved, 
but for some reason in the quiet of afternoon, the talk hit me again.
Given by Elanie S. Dalton in April 2011, "Love Her Mother
was dedicated to all of our sons and fathers.
Then I broke the silence of the kitchen and read out loud:
"The most important thing a father can do for
 his daughter is to love her mother."
By the way you love her mother, you will teach your daughter 
about tenderness, loyalty, respect, compassion, and devotion.
 She will learn from your example what to expect from young men 
and what qualities to seek in a future spouse. You can show your daughter 
by the way you love and honor your wife that she should never settle for less.
 Your example will teach your daughter to value womanhood. 
You are showing her that she is a daughter 
of our Heavenly Father, who loves her."
But I didn't stop there, I actually continued to read
the whole talk and managed to read it while crying too.
I was crying because I have a husband who loves his daughters.
He teaches them, loves them, respects them, and he creates
opportunities where they can grow and develop.
I was crying because I felt the Spirit testify
  truth in the words that I was reading.
I was crying because I love women- all women!
 I wish we could all feel the love God has for us especially in
this darkened world where this message is frequently lost.
And, I was crying because I feel loved and
 respected, and honored, and safe. Everyday.  
Christian loves me and he shows me he loves me
especially on those days when I don't feel worthy to be loved.
Because some days I feel so inadequate and so ugly.
Or misunderstood and small.
I am sure my girls (and boys too) will never question 
whether their father loved their mother (me)
because they see it everyday in our home.
Just as I was finishing the talk, Christian stood up, came over
to me and he put his arms around me.
Then I tearfully finished the last sentence in the talk:
"So how do you raise a girl? Love her mother..."

* * * *
I was also crying because I love Elaine so much!
(Me with Paige Holland and Elaine S. Dalton)