Thursday, July 13, 2017

Grass: Part 2

Thanks to the three wonderful boys in our neighborhood (and Gigs and Ollie),
 for assisting Christian in laying our sod!!!  Yay!  
Fox Hill is now green with grass!!!!!
 Glory glory hallelujah!
I spent the afternoon in my basement sorting, sifting, and organizing.  
I have so much stuff that I don't need nor use and
 have two piles going on right now; a donation pile, and a yard sale pile.  
(Do I really want to have a yard sale?  That honestly seems like worst).
Each day the piles get bigger and bigger.  
My hands are swollen and hurt terribly and I sliced my leg ripping
up a nice chunk of skin off my leg.  Hoping and praying it wont need medical 
attention: skin grafts.
My heart is conflicted.  While I know moving is right for our family,
 Fox Hill is turning out to be a gorgeous oasis and it's getting harder to leave.