Friday, December 18, 2015

A Christmas Friday

Today is officially the beginning of Christmas break and we here at Fox Hill 
are so excited to sleep in and enjoy lazy snow days- (at least I am!!).
Yesterday I interviewed with Brook Walker of Studio 5.
We talked about creating a cozy home and motherhood.  
Then we pulled in Mr. Nielson for the last segment where 
we chatted about the charity Beauty Rises and pairing up with a 
local cocoa maker as a way to help raise funds.
You can order here and 50% of proceeds will benefit Beauty Rises!
The segment will air today!

After the interview (Thanks Brooke!) we attended the Salt Lake City Temple
followed by the Motab Christmas concert later that evening.
I must have cried 500 times today.  
I felt so grateful to be alive with my husband,
 I felt full of the Christmas spirit, 
and I was humbled to be honoring God by worshiping Him in His holy temple.

* * * * * * *

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