Monday, November 02, 2015

Beauty Rises update week 2

I am excited to talk about my Halloween weekend and will post about it this coming week!

Here is my Beauty Rises update for the week:

Slowly we are figuring this charity out.  

I have had several meetings with wonderful people who can help me 

organize and get the charity off the ground. But it will take time and money.

About 2 years ago I wrote "Beauty Rises" at the top of the "Y" trail on a metal post,

in hopes that I could see this charity through and make it a reality.

I have connected with thousands of other women, some I have met, 

and some I haven't met whose stories are so inspirational and packed with wisdom

and courage.  I want to help share their message through Beauty Rises.

I added ".org" to the sign at the top of the trail.

Someday, I hope to transform the .org website to where you will be able to see

beautiful videos of real life heroines and stories that will inspire and uplift you.

For now it is just a landing page where we can continue to

receive donations.  Please help me help bring this charity to the world.

(You can donate here)

 This is all one step at a time.  Just like my daily hikes. 

Help me by spreading the word. 

I am hoping the next few weeks to have the first vignette.   

Can't wait to keep you updated!

You Tube Beauty Rises Trailer HERE