Thursday, October 22, 2015

Here is what I want to do:

I think, eat, sleep Beauty Rises.  
I am SO grateful and thankful for so many of you who have sent me
e-mails of encouragement and your thoughts of hope about my new charity.
  Thank you for your support!
And THANK YOU for donating!
I realize not all of you can give at this time and I so appreciate you offering
your time and talents as well...everything is needed and so gratefully accepted!
I am excited for Beauty Rises to be out there and in your homes
and in your hearts!
I need people like you to help me think this through because we're still
figuring this all out and we need your continual support and help
to build it.  
Here is what I want to do first:
create beautiful inspiring vignettes of modern day heroines.
These treatments need to be done tastefully with loads of beauty and power.
I will keep you updated as Beauty Rises unfolds.
Watch a sample of the Beauty Rises Trailer HERE

* * * * *
Hey locals, good friend and director Greg Whiteley is having a 
ten-year anniversary Q&A
about his film New York Doll  here in Provo
October 23rd.
You can get more information and tickets at