Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend wrap-up//swim party

 Welcome new week! 
I hosted a back-to-school party at my house on Friday night for all my siblings.
We don't have landscaping around the house yet, so as long
as no one cares about parting with the weeds, it's really a blast.
We talked about where all of us siblings got their nick-names from;
my brother Matt made most of them up, and he can't even remember
why.  Except he can remember why he calls me "baboon", and
it's because I had a hairy back when I was born 
(I repeat, when I was born ONLY).

The Little Nies started grumbling last night around 8:30 
when I reminded them of school the next morning.  
Every night before school I make four lunches.
It makes the morning that less chaotic and rushed...for me and them!
My girls got new backpacks this year from Cotopaxi and
of course Jane chose the orange one.
Kids carry everything around these days and hardly use their lockers,
...well, that is what I am learning anyway.
This backpack is a nice size and very functional.
And Claire loves it because
 of all the compartments and zippers.
She likes things like that, unfortunately that wont make her on
time to school.

Here is to a new week!