Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Ranch 2015 Day 8

**Reminder: I will be chatting live from 10:00 to Noon MST,
 to talk about the Book of Mormon or the Mormon faith or anything else
 that pertains to Mormons OR... If I have sent you a copy of the Book of Mormon 
and you have questions about it, please come and chat with 
Me, Mr. Nielson or my other sweet companion Sister Bosselman. 

Ranch living day eight was great:
All I did from sun up to sun down was work on my paint by numbers.  
Wow.  My bottom is sore and my hands hurt, but it was worth it. 
  It really turned out nicely.  I really think it took me 20 hours to paint.
I really enjoy painting, and it’s so good for my fingers and hands, 
but it sure makes them sore. 
Basically I let the Little Nies run wild on the ranch while 
I painted and Mr. Nielson and Boss Nielson worked on the ranch most 
of the day and I hardly saw him.  Ollie and Nicholas caught and hypnotized 
lizards by the dozens, and the girls named them names like "Allie" and 
"Divine" and "Jim Craig", and "Boots".

 I went outside once during the afternoon when Ollie spotted a rattlesnake. 
  I ran outside with all the other Little Nies and my .22 to shoot him.  
Boss tells us to shoot those venomous things, and we tried but he had 
already slithered away.  So I went back inside and continued working.
When I finished my painting I finally showered, and Mr. Nielson celebrated with me by taking me on a 4-wheeler ride to the exact spot I had painted.  It was beautiful!  
Then we rode around the ranch at dusk while 
dreaming, designing and building our own Ranch house one day.  
The wildflowers here are the most beautiful I have ever seen.
Mr. Nielson also spent a few minutes building Claire and Jane 
boxes with wood from the old 100 year shed that fell over. 
They will use these boxes to create a little village with their cute gnomes 
and fairy houses back at home.  They are so excited!

We decided to stay one more night.  
We can’t seem to leave this place- but I do need to get back to
 life and prepare for the Little Nies going back to school.  
We have a lot of planning and preparing to do.  (boooo). 
  I have church responsibilities that need to be taken care of, and work stuff too. 
Plus I do miss Fox Hill and my tub.  Lottie keeps asking for her toys and the
 girls miss their beds, and the boys miss their cousins.  

(Are you moving or would like to live in beautiful Provo Utah?
My brother Jesse is selling his home.  It's darling and Mr. Nielson
even helped build the tree house in the backyard.
You can check it out HERE).