Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Ranch 2015 Day 7


On this beautiful ranch there are many places to visit.  Last Saturday the whole Nielson gang hopped in the Ford pick-up and drove to Bluewater Canyon.  
We hiked until we came to a swimming hole…
the same swimming hole where Mr. Nielson’s grandfather was baptized.
There we swam, caught crawdads and tadpoles and then left when it
was lunch time and the kids started to complain.

Also, Nicholas stepped on a rattlesnake and then Uncle Peter killed it. 
 It was quite exciting.
Nicholas carried that dude around for half the hike until
 he decided it was time to let him go.

Also last week after church I made Mr. Nielson pull over on the 
side of the road where I took some amazing photos of us in front of miles and miles
 of sunflowers.  It’s a pretty amazing site here in the desert! 

Today I put a nice dent in my paint-by-numbers and will dedicate a full post to it.  
It seriously deserves it.
Jane caught and then let go pollywog's from “Pete’s Pond” because 
they started to grow legs and will soon be frogs.  
And we also let some fireworks off tonight 
while the Little Nies wrestled on the trampoline.
I am sad to think we only have one more day left here on the beautiful ranch.

Also a big super thanks to everyone who visits my blog!
Just a reminder that this is not a place to come and read perfectly typed essays. 
 Thank you to all of you who e-mail me awesome reminders of 
misspelled and grammar errors.  Super nice. 
 I sure appreciate it.
(I have about 30 minutes of internet at the ranch,
so I am trying to get everything written really fast).