Friday, August 07, 2015

Paint by Number

My best friend Lindsay sent me this detailed paint by number 
for my birthday last June.
I had no idea what it was going to be when I pulled it out of the box.  
It just looked like a lot of work, details, and numbers.
Lindsay had secretly e-mailed Mr. Nielson for a beautiful photo of the ranch so
I could have it for our annual ranch trip.
Here is my paint by number in 8 eight days and about 30 + hours:

Painting is really good for my hands and fingers.
After a few days my hands were sore and my fingers killed, but
I'm certain its good for me. (right Dr. L?)

 Did you know you can send personalized photos to Easy 123 Art 
and they will send back
a customized paint by number with paint included.
  These babies take forever-- but so worth it.
Plus I am very proud of myself for seeing it through to the end.

Thank you Lindsay Lou.  I love you!

Happy weekend!!!  
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