Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer to me

This photo is summer to me.  
I snapped this at 11:30 pm after Nicholas had spent a very long 
day playing with cousins outside.  
Mr. Nielson picked him up on the street above our home.
Nicholas was wet, exhausted and shoe less (also a tell-tale of summer).
I snapped this shot because I wanted to remember this moment forever.
Childhood, summer, happiness, peace, and the quiet of my neighborhood,  

This was me 25 years ago and I was on the front
 of my brother Matt's Honda dirt bike. 
 Same dark streets and lots of the same neighbors too.
Difference is I was probably in a swimming suit and my cousin
Katie was probably on the back of the motorcycle also shoe-less,
and also in a swimming suit.
This is summer to me.