Monday, July 13, 2015


The best thing about sisters is: you always have someone.

No matter the age, size, ability, personality, differences, 
or similarities, you always have someone.  
Someone to play with or talk to, someone to relate to, 
someone who listens, and cares.
I know growing up, I felt this way with my sisters
and I hope my daughters feel the same about each other.  
Today Jane stuffed her confetti popper with cut up 
tissue paper squares and popped it over and over and over and over....
and over again for Lottie- who was in her swimming suit.
Jane didn't have a problem sweeping up the tiny tissue papers over 
and over and over and over again to re-stuff the popper so 
Lottie could dance under the falling magical paper. 

That's what sisters do.

 I guess that made them really tired because they parked themselves
 on the couch and fell sound asleep, just like this: