Friday, July 31, 2015

Ranch 2015 Day 4

Day 4 at the homestead was actually quite chilly.  
It rained last night and we woke up to mud and sweaters.
I actually hit snooze on my alarm clock about 5 times because outside was gloomy
 and I justified not exercising for fear of sloppy running and muddy shoes.  
Absolutely worth it.  
One of my favorite things about any vacation,
 is waking up at the same time as Mr. Nielson--
which we did and so enjoyed.
I spent all morning on my paint by number which in reality, 
still doesn't even look like anything.
 I hope I can make some serious progress in the next few days.
When the sun came out it warmed up quite a bit and the Little Nies and 
Mr. Nielson took a chilly dip in the water hole.  I watched and took photos.
Before dinner some of the gang hopped in the old '78 Ford pick-up 
and headed to the gun range area. 
Cute niece Savy is engaged to cute Kevin and will be married later this summer.  
It's always fun to see engaged couples together
 because it's such a happy time of life.
 Cute boys:
Cute girls:
Lottie wore down and I held her in the the truck while we
listened to Country music and guns popping every 
5 seconds. Then she dozed off.
  The country here is unreal.  So gorgeous and colorful.  
I've already planned and designed my future ranch house someday.