Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ranch 2015 Day 3

Today's objective: practice shooting with the Little Nies.
As soon as we pulled up to the shooting area, 
I spotted a rattle snake coiled up by a tree stump.
I stayed pretty calm and the boys jumped off the quad so fast 
and made a plan of action to dispose of the rotten rattler.  
The rattlesnakes are very dangerous and we don't want them near the ranch house,
 so we shoot them, and I feel fine about that. 
The sky goes on and on forever here at the ranch and today the 
 sky was mostly gray with big ominous clouds.  
We knew rain was on it's way, and boy did it rain!

Of course Lottie fell asleep in my arms while I rode home on the quad. 
 I was able to transplant her from my arms to my
 bedroom where she had the best 4 hour nap.
  The windows were wide open while the wind, rain and thunder activities made us
feel safe and cozy and comfortable inside.
It was the most ideal afternoon.
I worked more on my paint by number while Mr. Nielson helped fix the roof,
 the pluming, and the tractor.  He stopped to come inside to eat a few 
crackers with cheese and take a nap on the hard bench 
in the kitchen near me while I painted.  

After naps, the girls dressed up as pioneers and played around outside.
I feel so happy at the ranch.  Everything is right here; 
the weather, the company, the sky, the grass, the rain and the ranch house.
Really, it can do no wrong.
We feel happy and content and the joy I feel seeing my children having
a childhood like Mr. Nielson had here at the ranch is indescribable.