Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ranch 2015 Day 2

This sunset killed it tonight at the homestead.
But lets start at the beginning of the day.
After my glorous ranch run, 
I found Mr. Nielson and the Boss fixing the tractor.  
Nothing hotter than Mr. Nielson fixing heavy machinery with a hole in
the crotch of his pants the size of a baseball.
Lottie and I were best friends all day since I hardly ever saw the
other Little Nies. They were busy swimming
in the water hole, riding 4-wheeler's, and playing cowboys and pioneers.
Lottie and I took a beautiful drive around the ranch together.  
She wanted to ride half the time in front of me and the other half on 
the back.  Often as I drove around, I could hear her singing to herself.
She is so happy.
And then she fell sound asleep.
So I pulled over and watched Mr. Nielson work on the tractor while Lottie slept.

It was peaceful and calm, and then the storm clouds came rolling in, and it rained for the next hour.

After dinner, Mr. Nielson and I took the Little Nies on a family quad ride.  
The ranch is the most beautiful I have ever seen.  
It's so green and the wildflowers are amazing.   

Then I worked on my personalized 'paint by number' that Lindsay 
gifted me for my birthday.  I don't know what I am painting, which makes it
tricky to paint, but I know that it is a ranch scene. 
It's pretty intense, but it'd going to be beautiful.

Other jems:

And then we are back to this:

Amazing sunset this evening.  I was dying.
This is ranch life.