Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Embrace the future.

One of my very favorite memories as a child is 
feeding the ducks at the lake in our city.  
My mom would save left-over bread or rolls or buns so we could pinch
 little pieces off and throw them at the quacking ducks. 
I have carried that delightful tradition on with my children, and they love it.
We were in luck this past week, we had 2 packages of old moldy
 buns from a left-over party and when I saw them in my cupboard, 
I knew just what to do.

I really think when I was a child, those simple little 
activities created a ideal childhood for me. 
I want my children to have those simple happy pleasures too. 
 I want them to find joy in the smallest of what life can offer. 
 I hope they take each day and treat it as a gift, because we really never 
know the circumstances of what life will bring.
I am trying to raise my children to embrace the future, 
and to never feel scared or worried about it.
I know with God, everything is under control and if 
we are living to please Him, we will be happy- no matter what.

Also:  Happy July!