Thursday, July 23, 2015

BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) Training for kids

Mr. Nielson turned into commanding officer Nielson and prepared
 a day of hard work for the Little Nies and some cousins,
called BUD/S training.
BUD/S stands: for Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL,
 and SEAL stands for: SEa, Air, and Land. 
My boys and their cousins are obsessed with these men.  
They love the bravery, valor and vigor it takes to become tough and precise.
The real life SEAL's are truly amazing, and my heart goes out to them 
for their service, enduring lifestyle and attitude.  
They are tough.
The United States is an exceptional country because of the sacrifice many 
have made to make and keep it that way.
It takes so much hard work, so much bravery, and so much honor
to be a SEAL.  Mr. Nielson and I have been learning about what it takes to
become one, and we are seriously blown away.
The hours,days and months of hard hard hard work, physical agony
and mental stress is overwhelming.
 The BUD/S training for the Little Nies went down like this:
Objective #1: time obstacle course, including knot tying underwater
Objective #2: swimming in full gear/holding breath underwater
Objective #3: push ups
Objective #4: Equalization Drain kiss, and goggle clearing

I should have been more prepared after the training was over
because the kids were starving and all I had to offer was
old chips and (hot) salsa.
I can't think of anything worse to eat after a vigorous workout.
But kids don't care- especially when they are hungry.
I am proud to report that everyone graduated with flying colors
and received a certificate.  Congrats new to the new kidlet SEAL's!!
(Hey: Kids Army, check it out)

Hey you!!!
 Sundance Summer Outdoor Theater
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I might be a little bias since my brother Topher produced the play,
 but I know it's going to be darling!
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I'll be there too!  The Little Nies are sooo excited!!

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