Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Ziptour date

Last week, Mr. Nielson and I drove up beautiful Provo Canyon
 just minutes from our home to finally try out the Sundance ziptour.  
We heard from others and also our good friend 
Chad Linebaugh who is the general manager at Sundance, that the ziptour
 is amazing and one of the most exciting things to do in the world.
In fact, the vertical drop of 2,100 feet is the most of any
 zip line tour in the United States.
I don't love heights, and I don't love doing crazy things 
(both of which the ziptour is)
 and there were a few moments when I felt like 
I wanted to die-- but it was something I am so glad I did.
It was breathtakingly beautiful and flying through the trees at 
extremely high speeds was actually quite amazing.

I think the ziptour would be a fun date activity, because if you really
want to see the true colors of your date, this would certainly
bring it out.  Come to think of it, if my date brought me to the zipline,
I might have hated him...or wet my pants, probably both.
To learn more about the ziptour, go HERE
The official Sundance website HERE