Friday, July 10, 2015

4th of July 2015- final day

You know, the 4th of July is a huge big deal in Provo.  
And it's no secret that it's an ever bigger deal at my house.  
It has always been that way. 
 We celebrate our country, as well as my father- who is "born on the 4th of Julyyyy".
The 4th of July is a non-stop day. 
 I often refer to it as "the longest day of the year". 
 It just keeps going and going and going.
Here is why:

4th of July breakfast, parade, bike ride
Party at Umi's house:
Celebrate Packa's birthday with patriotic cake. (of course)
Party favorites: slip-n-slide, slack line, food, family.
Pool party at Fox Hill with outdoor movie
Fireworks until midnight.
What would the 4th be without a cold Shasta.  That is soooo American.

(some of the Clark cousins)

Amen and goodnight!

(And: 9:00 am church the next day)

Have a good weekend!  
Spiritual Enlightenment: All Is Well!