Thursday, July 09, 2015

4th of July 2015, Day 3

Today we woke up and we decided to venture away from Fox Hill.  
That brought us to the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum on the campus of BYU.
I have been visiting the museum since I was a little girl.  
Some of the first memories I have are of me
 going to the museum with my mom and a few siblings and touching buttons and animals 
(that I wasn't supposed to touch).
I got myself a little job at the museum when I was 13 
and worked at the kids camp. Good times.
Anyway, the museum has had some nice changes done to it along the years,
 including fantastic new animals; like the ginormous elephant. 
 But the familiar green carpet still graces the halls 
along with its distinctive smell.
Then Spencer took a trip to the local TNT firework whop where he purchased loads of fireworks for our little private firework show at the park later that evening.
Ollie was in little boy heaven, 
and I found him in the kitchen examining the fireworks
 over and over his swimming suit.
 That evening at the park along with loads of other families we
 let off our fireworks and ate pizza.
  Lottie and the others ran around the park 
screaming with joy and sparklers in their hands.

(I did too).
Then we spent the last 15 minutes laying on a blanket while
 Spencer and Mr. Nielson let off the big daddy fireworks.  
The ones that shoot up in the sky, light it up,
and make loud noises.  Laying under them was magical and I caught a glimpse 
of each Little Nie while the fireworks boomed above.
The light reflecting in their eyes made me grateful to be a mother,
a woman, and an American with freedoms and happiness.