Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Thirty Four

I am Thirty-four.  Here are the photos to prove it:

Dr. L sent me a text to wish me a happy birthday- in fact it was one of
the first birthday wishes of the day.  I thought that was pretty cute.
I told him I was thankful he saved me so I could even have a 34th birthday.
There are so many who need to be thanked.  I feel like it's just as much their
birthday as it is mine.  I look at birthday's different now. 
Each birthday represents breath and presence and happiness.
I know I am getting older, but that pales in comparison to the fact that I am
still living.  Still with my children and still with Mr. Nielson.
 And then my kids (boys) devoured my cake and ate out the middle.  
Thanks kids!
Also, I love the assortment of goods in my empty refrigerator.
((Thanks to the Sweet Tooth Fairy for the DELICIOUS CAKE!))