Friday, June 12, 2015

The Nielson Summer Escape #5

 The last stretch of the Nielson Summer Escape '15 took us
 to easily one of our very very favorite places on the planet- 
the ranch in New Mexico.
It rained while we were there which made the earth smell so amazing, 
the red dirt more pronounced, 
and the green trees, grass, and bushes more vibrant.
In between rain storms, Mr. Nielson and I took the Little Nies on a 
family 4-wheeler ride around the ranch.
We visited some of our favorite places on the ranch like froggy pond,
 and the top of the mesa where we can see trains racing 
into the sunset going every direction.
Then we stopped at the gorgeous place were someday 
we'd love to build our own ranch house, 
and finally under the juniper tree where a dead cow lays. 
It's been interesting for the children to observe the decomposing stages. 
Mostly, I dreamed of bringing the Little Nies
up to the ranch for the whole summer. 
Someday...but for now these little short stays are good enough.


The next morning we packed up and headed back to Fox Hill.
Mr. Nielson and I both commented on how these family road trips
have been actually very pleasant.  I think the Little Nies are getting older and
are becoming very good little travelers.
 Fighting and teasing was limited, and surprisingly enough, so were the movies.
The kids mostly wanted to listen to fun music 
and draw and read or sleep,
and Lottie just does what everyone else does
Of course we made our traditional sandwich stop/gas-up in Moab, Utah. 
Also on the road to home, we saw a semi truck filled with chickens.
We made Mr. Nielson drive slow for at least 2 miles so we could 
drive right next to the frightened looking creatures.  
Lottie was dying of joy, which made us all die of joy too. 
 It was too cute.

And that concludes the Nielson Summer Escape 2015....
soooooooo what's next.
Happppppppppy Weeeeeeend!

(spiritual Enlightenment)