Monday, June 08, 2015

The Nielson Summer Escape #1

The Little Nies, Mr. Nielson, and I left the day school got out
 (May 28th) bound for Arizona, Boston, and New Mexico (the ranch).  
We started summer out with a BANG!
I had packed everyone and everything up the night before, and Mr. Nielson 
and I woke up early that Thursday morning and loaded up the car.  
After breakfast, scriptures, and one last house check we locked the doors at 
Fox Hill then drove to school where the kids preformed in their 
"end of the year dance festival".  
It's one of the schools best traditions, and we look forward to it every year.

(Nicholas is in the red shirt- even thought he was supposed to wear white.)
After Nicholas (in 2nd grade) preformed his dance, the sky began to get dark 
and the wind began to blow.
When it was Oliver's turn the rain fell, and fell hard.

When it was the 6th graders turn, 
Jane danced the traditional maypole then we got dumped on.
The rain had cleared out most of the spectators, except the preforming 
children's faithful parents and siblings.
After Jane's dance, Mr. Nielson ran to pick up the car as
 I made rounds to the children's classrooms to say
 goodbye to the other students and teachers for the summer.
We made a quick getaway and headed on the road (wet) bound for Arizona.
But not without stopping at the Glen Canyon Dam near Lake Powell/Page, Arizona.
The Little Nies have never seen this amazing structure.
These desert colors match my Jane.
Tomorrow we will continue The Nielson Summer Escape.