Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Nielson Summer Esacpe #3

After we returned from Boston, Mr. Nielson took the boys to the ranch in 
New Mexico and the girls and I stayed with
 Lindsay and Spencer and their darling family.
We relaxed, slept in, ate out, swam, and did nothing for hours each day.  
One afternoon I went to the burn center and visited with some 
wonderful burn survivors and staff.  I couldn't NOT go to 
Arizona and not visit that sacred place.
I tried to hook up with Dr. L, but he was out of town.  
Oh, next time.  
There will always be a next time!
One day, I took the girls to Mr. Nielson's neighborhood and home 
where they explored his backyard.  
Arizona usually is uncomfortably hot this time of year, but it rained a 
few times and was actually reasonable weather so we enjoyed outside.  
I even did a few tricks on the trampoline and I SAT outside and
watched Lottie jump on the, sing and talk to herself, 
and attempt to pick the tiny green oranges growing on the trees.
If you need something to get your father or husband for Father's Day,
I'll tell you what to get:
Mr. Nielson LOVES these clothes.  
They are comfortable, great quality, and these clothes magically 
make him feel manly, healthy, and happy.  
{It's amazing how that works!!}
Mr. Nielson's Father's Day cart includes:
 shorts (tan in pursuit)
zip jacket 
((Use code NieNie and get 15% off your order))
After finishing his 10 miler, Mr. Nielson gives me a very
enthusiastic high-five...must be the clothes.