Thursday, June 18, 2015


My first few weeks of summer have been a whirlwind.
I went to bed with dishes in my sink twice this week,
 and anyone who knows me knows that I do NOT ever do that.
But when the day is over I am exhausted.
I am learning each day, that we pick our battles and I've been trying to be
better at understanding the "noise" in my life.
Sometimes that noise is the dishes, or vacuuming, or social media.
Sometimes my day is complete and satisfying when I have sat on my couch
and watched Lottie jump in her swimming-suit over and over and over again
onto the couch.  Or listen to Jane tell me about the book she is reading,
or looking through Claire's sketchpad with her.
Mr. Nielson and I are really engaged with my secret special project. 
We are trying to raise money and get connected with the right people.  
It's really hard and I really admire anyone who has started a foundation,
 charity, project or anything along those lines.
This is really hard and very humbling.
I am excited to begin talking about it publicly on my blog
and sharing my ideas and future with you.
I feel like this project is in mid-air.