Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Blue Arizona sky

 It was pretty hot today in Arizona.  But one can expect that this time of year.
Almost too hot that I didn't want to watch the children swim.  
But, don't you worry I did.  It was awesome.
One thing you can always count on here in Arizona is the blue sky.
 After the pool, my girls asked Lindsay (for the 40th time) 
to braid their hair.  
She is really good at it, and does this special trick with her 
fingers that I probably couldn't even do if I had normal fingers.
 Then my computer charger pooped out.  
Spencer worked on saving her, but despite his rescue efforts, 
I found myself in the car looking for a place to buy a charger
at 9:00 that night.
Today I am headed to the Arizona Burn Center to visit, and Tomorrow night, 
I am speaking at The Shine Project event, 
then it's off to the ranch to be reunited with Mr. Nielson and my boys.