Monday, June 01, 2015

A fox at Fox Hill.

A few weeks ago we had a real live fox in our home.  
A fox at Fox Hill!!!!!  It was pretty amazing!
(Photos by Chad Kirkland)

Actually, there were 4 foxes at Fox Hill.  They are the most amazing animals.  
They really are very mysterious and sly, and stinky too.  
I hosted this fun party at Fox Hill with Animal Jam, 
who with National Geographic feature a "online playground" for children.
Kids can go to Animal Jam to customize their own animal characters, 
meet and chat with other kids, and it's all very safe.   
In fact, parents can control their child's chat settings and can also view 
their child's discipline history and their login history. 
It's pretty easy and fun to use.
(You can get membership details here.)
A wildlife conservationist group brought these amazing creatures to our home.
They took them out of thier cages and described a little about them.
We all asked questions and then we all got to hold them! 
They had two 6 week old silver foxes and 2 red adult foxes.  
I was in heaven.
The Little Nies have never seen a real fox before. 
I am the only one who has actually seen foxes on our property (hence: Fox Hill).
I invited my sweet friend Amy, my sister Lucy, 
my brother Jesse and all of their families to join the party.
After holding and playing with the foxes, we had lunch.  
A lovely spread of delicious fruits, vegetables, sandwiches,
 pasta salads and of course, cupcakes. 
After lunch, the kids made a fun fox craft.
Actually it was more likethe girls did a craft and the boys played dress up. 

I'm telling you, these animals are gorgeous.  My favorite part = eyes and tails.
This afternoon was so much fun and I kind of want a pet fox.
Check out Animal Jam this summer while your kids are bored. 
 I'd much rather have my monkeys on Animal Jam then browsing putting thousands of dollars of toys in a cart that
I will never buy.